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Wholesale Ordering Information

We offer online, email and telephone ordering system which will allow you to order by 12.00 am (midnight) and still have deliveries by the same day. For functions and high quantity please place an order at least 2 days prior to the event.

Monday to Saturday

What We Do

We feel that a traditional outlook, with an eye to modern energy efficiency, is the future of baking. So here at J.B.Richardson we utilize traditional methods, the finest natural ingredients and best environmental practice to provide you with our wonderful baking experience.

We are involved in the production of 'The Daily Bread' of many Caterers across Manchester. Helping provide the rolls and cakes for everywhere from Restaurants to Manchester's major football clubs.

Fresh Ingredients

We choose the best suppliers to make sure our ingredients are top quality therefore the products we deliver to you will reach the high standards. Since we take good care of our ingredients we assure

that our suppliers are BRC certified. and most importantly we

make sure non of the ingredients are genetically modified.

This will allow us to say most of our products are

naturally organic.​