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Our Story begins here

The times in the past, when you have caught the smell of fresh baking on the air, can come flooding back. We wonder if you are ready to go back to a time, way back to a time when to know how good our bread is - You just followed your nose.

J. B. Richardson Bakers was formed in 1947 by James and Nellie Richardson, after Nellie died in 1953, James remarried in 1956 to Barbara, hence the name J.B.Richardson. 
Working at the company since 1975, Peter Kellett went into partnership with Colin Richardson in 1983. 
Colin's farther Mr David Richardson was born at the premises in 1934 whilst his farther was working for Mrs Chester the original owner. The Company is now Celebrating its 70th anniversary of trading.

Feast your mince pies on a record-breaking treat

The giant treat, which was 13ft 2in in length and 3ft 4in wide, was dished out to members  of the public for free.

Pieces of the pie, which took a team of eight people two days to make, were given out to shoppers  at  Exchange Square  by

Granada Reports presenter Paul Crone.

The record-breaking Christmas  treat   was  created at  JB

Richardson bakery  on  Beech Road, Chorlton.

David Was Born Here!!

I was born in this shop in 1934, christened in the Methodist church on Beech road, and have worked here all my life bar two years. My dad started working here in the 1930s and took over the business in 1947. He worked here all through the war because you had to have a man to bring out bread! Bread wasn't rationed during the war ... 

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Join our free tour

Here at the bakery we Welcome Schools and organizations to join us on a day, we start by showing them old machines and how Bakers 100 years ago used to bake breads, and by the end of the day we let everyone to make and bake their own bread to take home.