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David Was Born Here!!

I was born in this shop in 1934, christened in the Methodist church on Beech road, and have worked here all my life bar two years. My dad started working here in the 1930s and took over the business in 1947. He worked here all through the war because you had to have a man to bring out bread! Bread wasn't rationed during the war. During the Blitz, there was a bloke called Andy who worked here and when he'd hear the air-raid siren the first thing he would do is grab his hat and coat and go home to Provis road. My mother would then cover her head with a dustbin lid and run down the road from our house at 47 Neale road to help me dad.

"One bomb dropped on the farm on the top of Neale road, one dropped on Claude road, one behind the Rivoli picture house. There was a barrage baloon over the road in Beech road park and guns on Turn Moss"

David 2018