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Feast your mince pies on a record-breaking treat



CITY centre visitors were treated to the north west’s biggest mince pie. The giant treat, which was 13ft 2in in length and 3ft 4in wide, was dished out to members of the public for free.


Pieces of the pie, which took a team of eight people two days to make, were given out to shoppers  at  Exchange Square  by Granada Reports presenter Paul Crone.


The record-breaking Christmas  treat  was  created at  J.B.Richardson bakery  on  Beech Road, Chorlton.


The team used 70 eggs and eighty kilos of mincemeat. The result was the size of 1,690 individual mince pies. Paul said: “It was all right getting out of the oven, but then we realized we couldn’t get it out of the bakery. So we had to take the door off the hinges of the bakery but we got it out. It’s gone down a storm. “We’ve realized why nobody’s tried to make the biggest mince pie before! it’s ridiculously difficult. It’s important that it’s not soggy and that the base is firm.” In exchange for a slice people were invited to make a donation to the North West Air Ambulance. Paul, 50, estimates  that over the course of the day he and his colleagues raised around £400 for the charity.